Poultry meat is characterized by its high-biological-value protein, vitamin, and mineral content and associated with a low-fat content. This enables it to be optimally incorporated into the diet at all ages.

Studies have proved that adequate consumption of chicken meat can facilitate the control of body weight and reduce the risk of developing major degenerative diseases such as diabetes, cardio- vascular disease and cancer.

Eggs are loaded with high-quality protein, good fats and small amounts of almost every vitamin and mineral required by the human body, including calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, manganese, vitamin E, and folate.



Created with the goal of meeting the poultry requirements of a growing populace in the region, Al Ain Poultry Farm was established in 1979, and today is one of the largest in the UAE, producing nine million broilers and 160 million fresh eggs annually.

At Al Ain Farms, we provide the best quality poultry products like fresh eggs and fresh chicken to our customers. Egg collection, temperature control and feeding are fully automated. A sterilization process using UV light eliminates any bacteria from the eggs. Using the latest technology to detect and remove any defective eggs, every egg is checked 16 times for any cracks, before it is passed to packing area, to ensure the best quality is provided to the customers. The computer delivers each egg to the right place and automatically packs into trays.

Quality assurance is strictly controlled and monitored. Our laboratories continually tests eggs for freshness, yolk color and shell thickness.

As we are reputed for fresh chicken UAE, our broilers are hand-slaughtered in accordance with Islamic Principles. Washed and arranged by weight, the broilers are packed and sent to a cooler room, ready for dispatch. The meat is delivered fresh to the whole country from farm to shop in 24 hours. Locally raised, Naturally fresh.

At Al Ain Farms, our policy is to reach to our customer in the shortest possible time so that the freshness and taste of the produce is intact. From the farm, chickens and eggs are moved to the markets in refrigerated vehicles with sophisticated in-built storage facilities.

  • 9 million broiler chickens annually
  • 160 million fresh eggs to the market every year
  • Meets international food safety practices
  • Certified by international agencies
  • From the farm to shop in 24 hours