Maintaining quality according to global standards and improving processes and procedures are ingrained in our corporate culture and key to everything we do at Al Ain Farms.

At the core of our quality focus is the customer. All our initiatives in maintaining and improving quality result in benefits to our valued customers and consequently better customer satisfaction.

Continuing investments in Al Ain Farms ensure enhanced infrastructure is put in place to reinforce quality and safety. Processes are strictly adhered to and a systemic approach is followed.

Al Ain Farms is fully compliant to all national and international quality and safety standards including HACCP and ISO. We are consistently awarded quality certifications and regard as a highly competent and efficient manufacturer across all of our operations.


  • Research & Development of new products
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • High standards in animal health & wellbeing
  • Promoting Health & Safety
  • High customer satisfaction levels
  • Maintaining long term relationships with all stakeholders
  • Protecting environment and decreasing the ecological footprint