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Founded in 1981, by the Father of the United Arab Emirates, the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Al Ain Farms was the first dairy and poultry integrated company established in the United Arab Emirates. After 40 illustrious years, today we are the largest integrated dairy company in the country, running five farms under our brand - the dairy business, the fresh juice business, the camel milk production, and the poultry section, hatchery, producing fresh chicken and eggs.

Milk Products

Al Ain Farms is equipped with the best international technology for feeding, milking and processing and is one of the most advanced farms in the Middle East for fresh milk.

Pure Nature Products

Being the first dairy company in the UAE, Al Ain Farms has undertaken a pivotal role in ensuring the finest food products to the people of the country.

Camel Milk

Grown with love, we preserve the legacy of Sheikh Zayed by being the only local dairy company to produce camel milk.

Only Best Quality

At the core of our quality focus is the customer. All our initiatives in maintaining and improving quality result in benefits to our valued customers and consequently better customer satisfaction.

All Our Products are

Made Locally in the UAE

Camel Milk






SINCE 1981

Began operations with a milk processing plant, and 200 imported Friesian cows.

Increased herd to 500 cows and a second farm opened at Seih Al Dai.

A 3rd farm was commissioned at Seih Al Sulimat with an additional 500 cows.

A new dairy processing plant allowed volume
expansion and an increased variety of products.

Merged with Al Ain Poultry Farm and formed the new Al Ain Farms for Livestock Production.

A new processing plant installed, with a capacity of 100,000 liters of milk per day. HACCP certification for product and hygiene safety measures was implemented. Became a member of the UAE Dairy Association and a UNICEF partner.

Al Ain Farms became the first dairy company in the
UAE to introduce recyclable PET packaging.

Full control over operational logistics and distribution network enabling direct delivery to all retail outlets in the UAE.

State-of-the-art dairy farm and corporate HQ at the Al Foah site. Along with 1000 more cattle, new farm yielded the highest output in comparison to
any other farm in the country.

Won the prestigious Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award, one of the highest commercial accolades in the UAE.

The Dubai Distribution Hub opened.

A new Bactoscan machine installed.

The factory received ISO 22000 and the ESMA

All 3 farms merged into one single farm in Al Foah.

Achieved SUPERBRAND status. Also awarded
PRODUCT OF THE YEAR for Al-Ain Morning Drink.

ISO 22000 for Cow and Camel farm.
SUPERBRAND status for second year in a row.

Launched Camel Milk Powder and received SIAL Innovation Awards for these products.

Completion of New Juices and UHT Factory.

Received multiple awards for CSR contributions.

Distinguished Customer Award for consumer

ISO 22000:2018 Certification for Food Management

SUPERBRAND Award for the third time.

4000 new cows added to the family. Nahel Farm was built. First ever Bovine show.

Sustainable Packing Glass Award for Glass Bottle Milk.

The opening of the new state-of-art Al Ain Farms Abu Dhabi depot. The opening of one of the largest hatcheries in UAE. PET Perform Factory Foundation.




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