Al Ain Farms is equipped with the best international technology for feeding, milking, and processing and is one of the most advanced dairy farms in UAE.

Al Ain Farms is fully compliant to all national and international quality, and safety standards such as HACCP and ISO. The company is also consistently awarded quality certifications and is regarded as a highly competent and efficient manufacturer across all of its operations.

The farm has close to 15,000 pedigreed cows, living in a pristine environment. Al Ain Farms maintains high animal welfare standards by following globally approved, best in class, cow care regimen.

The cows are fed with the best quality balanced cattle feed and specially grown green grass. Our nutritionists ensure that the right balance of minerals and vitamins are included in the feed so that our cows are healthy, and all milk is naturally produced without any antibiotics or added hormones. Handpicked cow handlers and veterinarians work 24/7 at the farm ensuring the cows receive loving care all the way.

As a leading cow farm in UAE, Al Ain Farms is a peaceful abode for our cows where they are loved, cared, nourished and pampered. Their caretakers attend to their every need right from the moment they join our family as young cows.

The cows spend most of their time happily grazing in the wide expanse of the farm’s open airfields, enjoying social interactions with their fellow cows, refreshing daily showers, and even occasional pedicures! This stress-free, hassle-free lifestyle boosts their milk yield and ensures Al Ain Farms milk is full of nourishing goodness.


Automated milking, milk chilling, quality control and pasteurization are carried out by state-of- the-art equipment and are untouched by hand to guarantee utmost hygienic standards.
The fresh milk is instantly pasteurized, chilled and packaged and sent on its way to the shops in the country, in specially built, temperature controlled vehicles, maintaining absolute freshness and preserving the taste, structure and nutrients of the milk intact.

  • Fully automated milking process
  • Totally hygienic environment
  • Untouched by human hand
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Pasteurized & Homogenized milk
  • Tamperproof packaging technology
  • Temperature-controlled transportation means